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Don't throw away your demaged phones&Laptops/computers,

Don't throw away your demaged phones&Laptops/computers,

Please bring them or send them over to our service Centre for Repair. Come for screen guards, housings, batteries, headsets, back covers, bluetooth etc.

We Repair all types of phones, digital Cameras, laptops/computers, Dvd players plus some other electronics.we have most of the spares.

We also program/flash and unlock phones. We install applications eg whatsup, viber, messenger, imo, twitter, facebook, internet settings etc.

We also sell phones. Airtel Red touch screens are now available, also available are touch screen of M-HORSE,X-BO, MBO, MBW, TP-TEL, INFINIX,VINCO,YXTEL,CMX,DISKO,KIMFLY,WIKO, GOWIN, plus for Orignal phones.We are in Kampala, along Market street, near the Old Taxi Park at Royal Complex building, where u find Indigo near Mega Standard Super market.after reaching there please call 0701862092 0782606005. Inbox us for details.

WhatsApp us on 0701862092 Consultation is free. For those upcountry please call us for advise how u can send us


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Posted about 22 days, 1 hrs ago by guest_oSw6O

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  • post title Don't throw away your demaged phones&Laptops/computers,
  • post author guest_oSw6O
  • post date 2017-07-31 11:15:43

  • If Your item is a Car How much gas it costs to drive from Kampala to entebbe in UGX ("a distance of 30km and back ")

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